What is the right hair color for you?

With the help of hair color we create dimension, depth and highlights. We create the illusion of width, length and height where it is needed. We make a person look radiant and beautiful.

Here are some tips (Don’ts)

  • Don’t go more than two levels away from your natural hair color, because as the hair grows your roots will look very obvious. Having the roots lighter than your hair color will look very odd. Also, going too dark when choosing your hair color, when there is gray hair, will make it even more obvious as the hair grows. Choose a lighter hair color, close to your natural hair color, and add some highlights if the hair condition allows for it. It will distract the attention and blend in better as the hair grows, growing out more gracefully.
  • Don’t go too dark when choosing your hair color if you are in a mature age in your life, in your 40s and up. It will highlight negative features like wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots in the skin, etc.
  • Don’t go too light if your natural color is dark brown. Lightening the hair so many levels is very corrosive and can compromise the integrity of the hair. -Don’t go too light if your skin color is very pale, because it could make you look washed out. You need to add some color to your hair (low lights) or have some beautiful natural make-up, if you want to keep your hair light but add some color.
  • I wouldn’t recommend highlights if the hair is extremely fine, weak, dry or frizzy. It will make the hair even dryer and frizzier and could break off. When highlighting, ask your hair stylist to please do it with no more than 20 volume. When using 20 volume developer and up, try to use ammonia free, your hair will love it and be very thankful for it.